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ShangHai HuiGe Automation Ltd. is a High-Tech enterprise, which is major in automation of electromechanical equipment engineering, design, and manufacture. The enterprise is a professional company with automation as main part, trade, technology, automatic equipment, integrated engineering as a integrative system through the management style of diversification. In technology importing and products development of automatic mass flow control systems, packaging system, automatic non-standard equipment, a series of special machines of plastic parts aimed at bottle cap and so on, which reached international advanced level were developed, such as cap corter of waterfall, disk or swash plate style, rotary or forced bottle cap assembly line, capping machine, pulling lid machine, bottle cap leak detection measuring system, bottle cap ring cutting system, bottle cap inner ring coater, visual inspection system, lifting cover machine, injection material and tail material separator, etc. HuiGe Automatic Mass Flow Control System use strap, chain board, network chain and so on, as transportation carrier, optimize in several transport forms such as combining level, climbing slope, turning, swirling, helix, tool holder, overturning, and vertical hoist, and is widely applied in a lot of industries such as food, meat processing, fruit and vegetable, aquatic products processing, alcohol, beverage industry, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals industry, post telephone and telegraph industry, corrugated paper industry, automobile industry, and processing manufacturing industry.
This is an enterprise with substantial technology strength, which had designed clutch production line for Shanghai Automotive Group, bottle cap automatic detection and encasement system for BaiLiGai, filling production line for Nice Group in ZheJiang province, the automation packaging line for Beijing Huiyuan Beverage and Food Group Co., Ltd., production line of rice dumpling and dumpling for Youcan Group in HangZhou, the tea and wax automation packaging line for Meitong Group in HangZhou, refrigerator compressor production assembly line for Panasonic in WuXi, etc.
Automatic Product Sale Company--ShangHai HuiGe Industry Automation Ltd. is the Subsidiary of HuiGe Industry Corporation, sales agency of industrial products of world famous brands and the design and development of whole set automatic engineering projects which do the whole set design, technical transform, technical services of automatic engineering according to clients demand are it's chief businesses. The company has formed several series in the whole set engineering, such as Electrician Mechanical Electric Control System, Metallurgy Mechanical Electric Control Cabinet, Plastic Mechanical Electric Whole Set Cabinet, Heavy Machine Electric Whole Set Cabinet, Papermaking Machinery AC/DC Transport Cabinet.
"Profession, dedication, innovation, collaboration" is the operation idea for person of HuiGe, they are good at study, dare to innovate, dare to practice, exploit actively, keep a high energy in the way of developing high-tech, implementing modernization with sustainable development. We steadily believe that service quality and tech strength are the life force of company, professional service and tech support are the core competing power source. All of these will make us be your best collaboration company. Let's go forward together.

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